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FOX Business
Dec 10, 2013 1:00pm EST
thought she would see the day where a woman would head a car company. of the michelle expense from joins us by telephone. you say this is not fill the slot with woman appointment. i let you take it from there. >> not at all. mary is a extremely strong automotive executive. she is engineer. she came up through the manufacturing ranks. you can't be with a wuss to be in that business. she worked with designers and engineers developing vehicles for general motors. she knows the car part of the business. adam: michelle, nobody wants to see her succeed more than us here at fox business. lori: and me. adam: and you. all of want to see miss barra succeed. only one of the top 10 selling cars in the united states is a general motors product. it is silverado. they're the number one sales leader as far as total vehicles, don't they need to produce more cars better than they already are to break at that top 10? >> i think that is the wrong measurement. i think you should look at profit march spins and how much they're able to -- profit margins and how much they're able to get for veh
FOX Business
Dec 6, 2013 1:00pm EST
the fed to begin scaling back the bond purchases? we want to bring in michel gerard, chief economist at idf. a lot of people are written that question today. you say not yet, not until at least what, march? >> very much like peter said, many want more evidence the economy is indeed strong enough that they feel comfortable to pull back a bit because the last thing they want to do is pull back and have to reverse course. they stop asset purchases twice before only to come back in again. they don't want that to happen. december is a tough time to start tapering. a lot of people are on vacation, the market is very thin. the last thing they would want to do is potentially make a move leading to an exaggerated reaction in the bond market because again you have this. it will be a 2014 story. cheryladam: why not the january meeting? is that too soon? speak a lot of people have turned their forecast focus to . you don't have it press conference afterwards. you can always announce the decision to start doing press conferences after every meeting and that would put january into play.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2